Cloud Backup


With the combination of increasing mobility, multiple devices and aging networks, the safety of your business data is more critical than ever before. Whether it’s a catastrophic event that destroys an internal server or a corrupted device that was never backed up, permanent data loss could be devastating and have serious consequences across your organization. Cloud Backup gives you the ability to manage backups from virtually anywhere and anytime through any web browser, restoring your company’s vital data is made simple.

With Cloud Backup, you can have:

Enhanced Business Continuity

Even with the best intentions to back up data onto a file server, protection is still limited to a physical location. By backing up data on the cloud, companies are able to decrease downtime by quickly restoring information to devices across the organization.


With the ability to restore important data with a click of a mouse, companies are able to manage critical data through a simple Internet connection.

Better Productivity and Cost Savings

Real time group commenting responses via whiteboards and chats not only drive better engagement, they also enhance the user experience.

Data Services

Establish a private network for two or more of your locations to confidently and securely share data without using the public internet.


Key Features

  • Manage and monitor your backup environment to ensure your system is functioning as desired.
  • Troubleshoot failed backups with greater speed and accuracy via Vonage’s alert system.
  • Manage your data retention from the same user interface as your backups.
  • Get instant, centralized, and accurate reports about your full backup and recovery process.
  • State of the Art block-level processing technology ensures only new and changed data blocks within files are sent to storage, decreasing backup times.
  • Compression technology and bandwidth throttling maximizes backup transfer speed.
  • Optional advanced features such as premium data transfer services, granular recovery, bare metal/system recovery and others provide even more flexibility and control.