Best in Class Connectivity Customized For Your Needs.

Whether you’re a mid-size business or a demanding enterprise, Intuitive NetworX offers customized solutions to meet your needs. We collaborates with our customers to meet your unique business needs in order to design network solutions that overcome geographic boundaries. Intuitive NetworX offers a menu of Internet Services — Business T1, Business Ethernet, and Business DSL — tailored for the size and particular demands of your business.

Choose Your Speed & Access Type

We offer a variety of speeds from 1.5 Mbps through 10 Gbps – available via TDM, Fiber, copper, wireless, or Ethernet.

Continuous Pro-active Monitoring & Support

Proactive systems monitor the health of your network 24/7 and live professionals committed to your network needs are available when you need them.

Intelligent Managed QoS

Guarantee application performance with Intelligent Managed QoS and create the ideal high-performance environment for bandwidth-demanding business applications. Multiple layers of precise QoS let you segment and prioritize Voice, Video, and critical application traffic throughout your network.

Dedicated bi-directional bandwidth

We only provide true business class Internet access delivered over a private and secure connection that is never shared between customers.

Secured Connections

We constantly monitor our networks, and yours, to prevent breaches and disruptions before they happen. Our security services provide a secure and compliant infrastructure for your business to stop threats before they occur.

Fail-Safe Technology

Imagine a more reliable business Internet connection that just works. Fail-Safe makes this possible by combining two diverse Internet circuits to create one worry-free connection. Our cloud-based automatic failover ensures that in the event of a circuit failure your public IP addresses never change providing peace of mind for both voice and data services.